We would like to invite you to join us for the 23rd Annual Loveland Sculpture Invitational Show & Sale. We are very excited about this year’s show and can’t wait to get started.  We greatly appreciate your continued support and dedication to The Show.

For those of you who are volunteering for the first time, The Loveland Sculpture Invitational is sponsored by The Loveland Sculpture Group, a non-profit organization.  Their mission is to encourage and support sculptors nationwide and to give back to new, emerging artists.  Over the years, The Group has donated over 30 sculptures valued at $275,000.  In meeting the goals of their mission statement, The Group has also contributed $232,000 to local art education programs and other non-profits.

We are proud to say that The Show is the nation’s largest outdoor sculpture show and hosts artists from nearly every state and from other countries.  It attracts local residents as well as collectors, gallery owners, civic groups, corporate buyers, architects and sculpture enthusiasts from around the country.   As our show continues to evolve and change each year, we are looking for strong volunteer support.  Without the hard work and dedication of each volunteer, this event would not happen.

The Volunteer Training date is to be determined. You will receive your t-shirt, job assignment and job training at this time.   If you have an unavoidable conflict with this date, please contact us so we can make other arrangements. Deadline for applications are July 14, 2014.

Thank you again for your support this year!  Please let us know if you have any questions!

Volunteer Position Descriptions

General Show Support: Volunteers can find themselves in a variety of position from ticket sellers to answering questions for out of town guests. This is a great position to consider if you are just not sure what you might like to do but have the time to volunteer.

Stuff Artist Bags: All of the artists receive a bag with show information, advertising flyers and art magazines. In order to have these bags ready, they must be assembled and then organized for delivery to the appropriate tents. The majority of the time for this position is spent on Tuesday preparing artists bags.

Show Set Up: Transforming the grounds requires a tremendous amount of set-up from signs, utilities, fire extinguishers, banners, tablecloths, burying extension cords, setting up water coolers, patron comment cards , comment boxes, etc. In addition to these activities the various booths and merchandise & information tents must be set up and stocked. Similarly when the show is over the grounds must be returned to their original condition.

Gator (or Mule) Drivers: The gators (or mules) are used for hauling small, heavy items from the parking lot to the artist tents. You will not be expected to lift or move heavy sculptures but some physical work may be involved with this position.

Artist Check-in and Assistance: This position will help greet the artists and assist them with the check-in process by finding their booth space and answering any questions they might have.

Golf Cart/ Shuttle Drivers: Volunteers drive golf carts to shuttle artists and guests from the parking lot to The Show grounds.

Artist Ticket Sales: Volunteers will help Artists purchase tickets for the Premiere Party and extra tickets for The Show for Saturday and Sunday. Volunteers will also sell tickets to Artists to use the forklift during the set up of their booths. Volunteers will sell and manage these sales in the auction tent. (CC trained)

Tent Monitor: Volunteers will provide relief for artists when they need to take breaks and will also help Tent Captains answer questions.

Merchandise Tent: During the show, patrons have the opportunity to purchase t-shirts, ball caps, catalogs etc. Setting up the tent, selling the merchandise and re-stocking it are part of the volunteer duties. (CC trained)

Ticket Sales: Volunteers will help to sell tickets at various gates around The Show to patrons who would like to attend the general show. Premiere Party tickets will not be available at these gates on the day of.

Auctions: Volunteers help set up the auction area with the donated sculptures. Volunteers are also available to answer questions as they arise and assist guests.

Admission Gate and Security: Volunteers will pay close attention to tickets received and guests arriving and exiting The Show. The Loveland Explorers will be providing assistance during the show to help ensure that artists and guests have a safe environment. Volunteers will be working with the Explorers to ensure compliance will all ground rules. More details to come on record keeping.

Money Operations: The Sculpture show accepts Visa and MasterCard for payment. Even if you have done this job in the past you will need to go through training prior to the show. Credit card service will be at the main gate ticket booth, inside the auction tent, at token stations and at the merchandise tent. Those working at token stations will help to sell tokens during the event, check IDs and give bands to those who want to purchase alcoholic drinks at The Show.

Premiere Party Support: Volunteers are needed for a variety of functions for the entirety of this event. Before the party begins help is also needed setting up the tables and assisting the caterer.

Premiere Party Servers: Volunteers are needed to help serve food, bus tables and for a variety of other tasks related to hospitality and catering during the Premiere Party.

Premiere Party Clean-up: After the party, volunteers are needed to help clean up, check receipts and provide gate security.

Parking Monitor: Parking monitors work with the artist to assist them with their trailer parking and direct them to the correct location. Volunteers will help direct patrons to available parking and help direct traffic in the West lot.

Information Center and Volunteer Check-in: Information Center volunteers will hand out flyers, give directions and offer assistance to artists, guests and volunteers. The First Aid station and central phone for the show are also located here.

Show Tear Down: Tear down begins Sunday afternoon as the artists pack their artwork. On Sunday night the banners, signs, fire extinguishers and extension cords are rolled up and stored. Trash and any remaining items must be cleaned and nothing may be left behind. Monday morning the tents come down and supplies are returned to the storage unit and trailers.

Click here for the 2014 Volunteer Application